Our People

We're not in the business of selling furniture; we're in the business of building solutions that enable teams to do their best work, including our own.

Meet our C-Suite and Executive Team.


Denise Horn, headshots, black and white

Denise Horn

Paul Fraser, COO, Headshot in Black and White

Paul Fraser

Kevin Barbary, CMO, Headshot in Black and White

Kevin Barbary

Angelo DeBenedictis, headshot, black and white

Angelo DeBenedictis

Executive Team

Alex Sanda Black and White headshot

Alex Sanda

Kim Pinkerton, headshot, black and white

Kim Pinkerton

Rob Tenaglia, Headshot in Black and White

Rob Tenaglia

Mike Clancy, headshots, black and white

Mike Clancy

Dina DiTommaso. headshot, black and white

Dina DiTommaso

Holyn Nickerson, Headshot in Black and White

Holyn Nickerson

Barb Mokler, headshot, black and white

Barbara Mokler

Kristin Miner, headshot, black and white

Kristin Miner

Candice Gould, headshot, black and white

Candice Gould

Heidi Schluter, Headshot, Black and White

Heidi Schluter

Mike Dignard, Headshot in Black and White

Mike Dignard

Allison Cunningham, headshot, black and white

Allison Cunningham