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Interior Construction

Redefine the way you approach your projects.

Flexible, Reliable, and Future-Proof

We believe that prefabricated interior construction should play a crucial role in the design and development of built environments. To tailor our services to your unique project needs, we employ a diverse range of prefabricated construction systems that meet a variety of budgets, aesthetics, and functional requirements. These offerings form a key component of our commitment to delivering comprehensive workspace solutions across various industries.

Within our team, our dedicated interior construction specialists bring a wealth of expertise, blending backgrounds in architecture, construction, and interior design. Their knowledge ensures a seamless integration of prefabricated systems, perfectly suited to your specific space. The result? Projects that are on time and on budget, and high-quality interiors that meet the needs of clients every time.

Creative Office Resources provides a range of services to support successful projects from concept to execution and beyond.

Our services include:

  • Pre-Construction & Design Overview
  • Estimating
  • Shop Drawings & Specifications
  • Product Procurement
  • Installation & Project Management

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Our Prefabricated Construction Offerings

We offer multiple product lines to meet your aesthetic, functional, budgetary, and lead time requirements, including:

  • Full solution, prefabricated construction projects for corporate environments, higher education, life science labs, and healthcare spaces.
  • Single aspects of your project scope like:
    • Glass walls
    • Solid walls (with modular power)
    • Casework
    • Leaf walls
    • Decorative and structural timber
    • Technology Integration
    • Low profile raised flooring
    • and more
DIRTT glass corner private office with people meeting inside

Glass Walls

Let the light in with simple and elegant glass walls. Add privacy with glass finish options or bring your brand to life with frame colors.

Modular casework locker application DIRTT
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Solid Walls

Solid walls allow for endless customization and configurations. The space inside the wall can be used to add electrical and network functionality, hidden from sight.

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Folding Walls
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Medical Headwalls
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Technology Integration

Encourage connection with wall mounted or embedded technology. Solid walls allow for easy access for maintenance, adjustments, or updated tech.

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Living Walls
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Custom Graphics and Signage

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