Creative Office Resources warehouse

Warehouse Services

Our infrastructure and systems make us an ideal full-service logistics partner.

Our five building, 300,000 square-foot distribution center is the hub of our shipping/receiving, warehousing, fabrication, and logistics services. Our secure, climate controlled and racked complex houses standard furniture and fixtures, as well as appliances, medical equipment, antiques, and other specialized inventory.

We handle short- and long-term storage for inventory purchased through Creative Office Resources, as well as products from other dealers. Our extensive intermarket services allow us to handle national relocation projects and meet the needs of geographically dispersed clients.

Our warehouses are also a clearinghouse for client mail and package deliveries. It houses our fabrication center, which provides post-sale repairs and service, including cleaning, worksurface, panel, frame and tile cut downs.

We also offer a chair demo program and full station mockups that let clients try furniture before they buy. And we operate several regional warehouse facilities to ensure timely delivery and superior customer service.

With facilities and resources like these, we’re a valuable partner for managing even the most complex logistics and operational needs.

Our services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Refabrication and minor refinishing in-house
  • Repair
  • Staging
  • Storage

We provide ongoing maintenance services in support of our manufacturing partner’s warranties, like Herman Miller's 12-year, 3-shift warranty. Scheduled maintenance services include inspection, cleaning, stain-prevention treatment, and lubrication as required. Should your products have warranty issues, our skilled, certified technicians will promptly inspect and repair your furniture on site or provide a replacement if necessary.

We’re available to repair broken or malfunctioning mechanisms, reupholster fabric panels and tiles, touch-up painted surfaces, repair scratches, or refinish wood furniture. And to maintain the long-term value of your investment, we’ll refurbish your products to like-new condition and match them to new furnishings or new decor.

CAM (Client Asset Management) Web System
Whether you are a large multinational or a small emerging business, keeping track of furniture and other assets is key to maximizing their value. But it’s an ongoing, time-consuming process that draws resources from more pressing business issues. CAM, a web-based software platform, allows users to control costs by improving asset utilization. CAM provides instant access to information related to location and status of all inventory, as well as displaying detailed product photos and specs. It’s a level of visibility that maximizes reuse of stored assets and helps organizations make informed purchase decisions. Whether it’s short-term pre-installation storage, long-term warehousing, or office relocation programs, we bring clarity and transparency to the process of inventory and asset management.