COR NH team members enjoying the summer sunshine by the water

Who We Are

Empowering • Curious • Visionaries

Creative Office Resources was established when two industry leaders, Creative Office Pavilion and Office Resources, merged in January 2022. As the largest MillerKnoll dealer in the country, COR is dedicated to shaping spaces that inspire collaboration and evolve community.

Our North Star

Building productive, positive environments designed to empower the people within them.

Our Mission

Transforming your surroundings into human-centered spaces.

Our Vision

A world where environments positively transform the way we interact.

Our Values


We’re in the business of creating well-designed spaces that shape culture and inspire community. We work with talented individuals who are seasoned and knowledgeable about the way people will exist in a space, and our process ensures solution-driven design.


We thrive through collaboration by listening and integrating diverse perspectives. Our primary goal is to build comfortable, positive environments designed to empower employees. We are not in the business of selling furniture, we are in the business of building solutions that enable your employees to do your best work.


Spaces should be in a constant state of evolution to adapt to our wants and needs. But good design should be timeless, not fleeting. With functionality at the forefront, we lead with listening. Your spaces are designed for now and tomorrow, so you can grow within it and be inspired daily.