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Lifestyle & Amenities

Community Spaces that Redefine the Way We Live, Work & Connect

Elevating modern lifestyles, these dynamic and communal spaces redefine the way we live, work, and connect. "Third Places" put emphasis on shared experiences, fostering community, and enhancing well-being through meticulously designed environments.

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Casual space with wood ceilings, a blue sectional, lounge chair, and high back lounge pods with people working and talking at The Adams at Hancock Village
The Adams at Hancock Village

What is Lifestyle & Amenity?

Lifestyle & Amenity spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years as people's desire to create more spaces for comfort, socialization, and well-being grows. They are typically communal areas within properties or developments, providing additional features and facilities beyond individual living or working spaces. These spaces are designed to enhance the overall quality of life for users, fostering community engagement and offering recreational or functional amenities.

What is a "Third Place"?

  • an essential “pillars of community life”, encompassing venues like cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, pubs, libraries, bookstores, parks, barber shops, hair salons, and community centers
  • spaces that provide a reliable setting for socializing, offering an atmosphere conducive to both group discussions or “alone together” work
  • enhancing space utilization and density, providing an opportunity for individuals to gather, fostering community bonds
  • a refreshing change of scenery, encouraging new perspectives and creative thinking
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Teagan Jeffords

Teagan has over 13 years of experience enhancing the environments in which people work, live, and play. With an adept understanding of client needs, impeccable design acumen, and unwavering commitment to quality, she supports the growing L&A market through creating spaces that let people thrive.

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