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A high-performing space is closer than ever.

As a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer, we have access to their partnership with LEAF Commercial Capital to help you achieve an office that’s right for your business now, with sensible options for financing it over time.

Finance Your Whole Project: Unlike bank financing, which often requires a 20 percent down payment and excludes soft costs (such as installation and shipping), we offer solutions to finance your entire project.

Maximize Capital: Your monthly payments do not affect your established line of credit, cash reserves, or require a compensating deposit balance, so you have more capital for your business.

Lock in Pricing: As costs go up over the term of your contract, you pay the same rate as when you began – regardless of inflation. That stretches your dollars and gives you more access to the cash in your business.

Get Cash Flow Flexibility: We’ll work with you to tailor payment terms and structures to match the specific needs of your business, such as seasonality, expansion plans, or revenue cycles.

Consider Your Balance Sheet: Operational versus capital expenditures, are important decisions. We’ll help you find the right financing solution to meet your accounting and tax requirements.

Choose Terms that Work for You: We can tailor payment structures to match your business needs and revenue cycles, including flexible end-of-term options, lower monthly payments, and more.

Get a Credit Decision Quickly: Our application process is quick, which gives you more time to get on with your work. Same-day approvals are typical, with online tools to estimate your payments in seconds.

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