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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“Creative Office Resources has always valued the contributions of every person within the organization, celebrating the unique richness that a diverse culture offers. However, we know it is time to further delineate and bolster our position. Together, we can support and influence the advancement of diversity, inclusion and equity.”
— Denise Horn, Creative Office Resources, CEO

Our Commitment to Inclusion.

At Creative Office Resources, we believe the possibilities are endless when people of different backgrounds come together to create. We continue to establish a more diverse environment, and are committed to making our industry a more inclusive community. We celebrate the different viewpoints and unique approaches that let us build environments that inspire people to do and be their best. As a company, we are continuously and consciously making efforts to create a more inclusive work environment in our own offices and helping our clients do the same.

DEI Efforts in 2022

  • We developed our DEI Roadmap that details our Pillars for Action of our DEI Initiatives, tracks our tasks, and holds us accountable.
  • We provided employee-wide training focused on overcoming unconscious bias, embracing diversity and inclusion, and preventing workplace harassment.
  • We developed our DEI Committees to further expand our focus and direction on this important initiative. This includes our DEI Steering Committee consisting of eight members of our leadership team that meets bi-weekly, and our DEI Employee Committee which is open to all employees and meets monthly.
  • Increasing employee diversity through various recruitment avenues including working with various schools and universities in all locations

Our Pillars for Action

  1. Program Commitment & Integration
  2. Discovery
  3. Implementation & Involvement
  4. Continuous Engagement