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Our Commitment To The Environment

At Creative Office Resources, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable future, and our commitment to the environment is woven into every aspect of our business.

How We're Making A Positive Impact

Creative Office Resources is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact through a comprehensive approach to carbon footprint reduction. This includes implementing robust recycling programs, adopting energy efficiency initiatives, practicing sustainable fleet management, forging partnerships with manufacturers renowned for sustainable design, and collaborating with furniture donation and decommission organizations to promote circular economy practices.

Our Efforts Include:

  • Recycling Programs
    COR places a strong emphasis on recycling, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility. We recycle all cardboard, plastic, foam and small trash in a dedicated on site compactor. Our metal and aluminum is recycled, averaging over 90 metrics tons per year. All materials involving hazardous chemicals are recycled through Republic Services, helping protect the environment. We also prioritize pallet reuse to contribute to resource conservation, waste reduction, and overall environmental sustainability, and have a conscious approach to packaging by refraining from purchasing new boxes and instead reusing.
  • Energy Efficiencies
    COR warehouses and offices transitioned to all LED lighting including automatic shut-off to promote energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, minimizing waste, avoiding hazardous materials, and contributing to responsible lighting practices that benefit both the environment and society. Copiers, printers, and scanners are Energy Star rated and all employees are issued laptops, which are 90% more energy efficient.
  • Fleet Management
    COR has 15 trucks that meet current EPA emissions standards, requiring the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Our fuel company refuels our fleet on a weekly basis, aiming to minimize the number of vehicles on the road and reduce fuel exposure. We also enforces a strict anti-idling policy for our fleet, which minimizes unnecessary engine idling, contributing to reduced emissions and overall environmental impact.
  • Manufacturer Partnerships
    We partner with manufacturers who are leaders in sustainable design and guide our clients with product selections that are environmentally preferable and will assist with achieving product LEED certification. As a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer, we see first hand how MillerKnoll works with global partners and brands to reduce their carbon footprint, design out waste, and source better materials. We support MillerKnoll in their efforts to help improve the health of our planet and communities.
  • Donation Collaborations
    We collaborate with organizations like The Furniture Trust, ANEW, Material for the Arts and more that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility by offering services that decommission, recycle and donate used furniture. By reinventing the liquidation process, these organizations avoid landfill and bring furniture back into their communities supporting non-profits, public agencies and under served communities.

Empower Yourself with Eco-Friendly Tools

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Create A Sustainable Workplace

Our journey toward sustainability is ongoing, and we invite you to join us in making a positive impact on the environment.
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