2023 Design Trends

Wondering what you can expect to see in workplace design this year? We asked some experts at COR to share what trends they see coming in 2023.

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1. More Collaboration Areas

"Way fewer workstations and a lot more lounge, collab, and amenity spaces for employees to have a comfortable place to work from and collaborate with coworkers in without the formality of a traditional workspace."

Rebecca Stringer / Account Consultant

2023 Design Trends Viva Magenta

2. Pops of Color

“Bold pops of color, especially the Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta.”

Alisha Bettinger / Senior Designer


3. Flexible and Dynamic Layouts

“Because spaces are more collaborative and shared, flexible and dynamic layouts are important.”

Camilio Munoz / Design & Visualization Specialist, COR Studio

Wellness Room Plex Lounge Furniture

4. Rise of Wellness Spaces

“More wellness spaces in the workspace: relaxation rooms, spaces for leisure, resting and recharging. ”

Erin Conely / Designer - Team Facilitator, Design


5. WELL Certified Spaces

“A trend towards WELL certified spaces.”

Julie Laing, WELL AP / Senior Designer

What is WELL?
WELL applies the science of physical and social environments to benefit the health, well-being and performance of your people.

We can't wait to see how our team applies these trends to our 2023 projects!

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