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  • Celebrating Our Exceptional Interns on National Intern Day!

Celebrating Our Exceptional Interns on National Intern Day!

On National Intern Day, COR wants to take the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions of its interns who have played a vital role in shaping their community.

On National Intern Day, we want to honor the hard work of young professionals and celebrate the potential leaders of tomorrow. At COR, we take this opportunity to recognize the invaluable contributions of our interns who have been instrumental in shaping our community. Among our exceptional interns, we want you to get to know two individuals who have shown remarkable dedication and growth during their time with us.

As part of our commitment to fostering a nurturing environment, we engaged our interns in meaningful conversations about their experiences at COR, their ideal working environment, and their personal passions outside the office. We believe in investing in the development of interns, empowering them to become future industry leaders. Our gratitude extends to all the interns who have shared their talent and commitment, and we are committed to nurturing the careers of young professionals who will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on our organization and beyond.

Meet the Interns

COR's Marketing Intern, Katie Gettings, sitting at her desk in the Boston Showroom.

Katie Gettings

Marketing Intern, Boston

Meet Katie Gettings, our Marketing Intern at the Boston Office. She is currently attending Quinnipiac University, going into her fourth year. She graduated at the end of her third year with her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and is returning this fall for her fourth year to earn her master's in Business Administration. Katie has a passion for creativity and finds that marketing is one of the great ways to bring one of her passions into her career. Outside of work, Katie likes to sing, dance, read, write poems and stories, workout, spend time with friends, and find new foods to enjoy.

National Intern Day Alejandra Hernandez

Alejandra Hernandez

Design Intern, Boston

Meet Alejandra Hernandez, our Design Intern at the Boston Office. She is a Junior at Wentworth Institute of Technology, studying interior design. She’s originally from Venezuela and came to the States in 2019 to learn English. Shortly after, in 2020, she started my freshmen year of college. Alejandra has two sisters, one who graduated with a degree in Architecture from Northeastern University and a younger one that is studying fine arts back home in Venezuela.

Get to Know Our Interns

What have you learned while interning at COR?

KG: I have learned a lot while interning at COR. I have learned technical things such as how to use InDesign and Canva, but I have also learned about what its like working in a professional environment and how to handle the workplace as a young professional. I find that my experience and what I have learned here at COR is invaluable and I will use all that I have learned going forward.

: It’s been a good experience for me to expand my knowledge in the furniture world. This is one of the subject areas where it’s too specific and learning it in a class wouldn’t be enough. COR has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in a different side of design, as well as learning to work with other designers and collaborate on big projects.

What is your favorite MillerKnoll product? Why?

KG: My favorite MillerKnoll product is the Girard Color Wheel Ottoman. I like this product as it takes something simple and turns it into something fun that stands out. I like the colors the ottoman comes in and I like how the ottoman is so big!

I really like the Private Canvas Office line and my favorite product is the height adjustable table that integrates into a credenza. It is flexible, saves space, and it looks great all together.

What do you like about COR?

KG: COR has been so incredibly helpful and supportive throughout my internship journey. The marketing team has helped me create an internship experience tailored to what I am interested in and what I want to learn more about. Everyone here is extremely accommodating, and I feel as though I have always been part of the team. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity but am even more grateful for the connections I have made along the way.

I like the collaboration within the teams. The design team is divided in subgroups where everyone is there to support each other and answer questions. Everyone works on their own project but I like that the sense of teamwork is still there through stand-up meetings, design meetings, and even Microsoft teams.

Where is your favorite spot to work both in and out of the office?

KG: My favorite spot to work in the Boston office would be the Southwest corner. I love the windows that look down into the street and the flow of conversation that happens there. I also like how there are private workspace options nearby, making it easy to hop on a call or to work in silence.

In the office, I like to work near the conference rooms. The Boston showroom has a “living room” in the middle of the space and I love to walk by it and look at the different furniture every day. At home, I enjoy to work in a comfy area where I can alternate between seating on the couch and the dining table.

Our interns are an invaluable part of our community and help us continue to grow as a company. We appreciate the hard work and dedication that they provide in such a short amount of time. We hope that their time here is both motivational and educational, pushing them into the next phase of their professional careers. A very big thank you interns!