DIRTT Timber conference room with side bar collaboration seating

DIRTT Environmental Solutions

To do better, we need to build better.

Our mission is to create spaces that revolutionize the way people work, heal, learn, and live.

The earlier DIRTT’s integrated prefab construction is introduced, the more time and cost savings every team sees. The later we’re brought to the table, the less we can help with labor costs. But you’ll still move in faster and end up with a responsive interior space.

The Creative Office Pavilion team can assists your design team and contractors. We’re on the ground with you to make everything run smoothly.

Your specialty construction consultant

COP exposes where DIRTT brings value. They deliver granular cost estimating, value engineering, constructability guidance and scheduling. Your architect retains responsibility for the design. Their drawings feed into ICE®, DIRTT's intelligent software platform. You explore the design in real-time 3D and make decisions for the next steps. DIRTT then transitions into a multi-trade specialty subcontractor under your general contractor.

Helping other trades with their bids

Your DIRTT project manager assists the general contractor and other trades deliver appropriate bids reflecting fewer hours and less material. Most of the interior, walls, power, networks, cabinets and doors are built off-site. The trades putting in the mechanical, lighting, ceiling and flooring now work in a wide-open space with little material waste and fewer journeyman hours.

The job-site is safer and cleaner. Trades are on and off the project faster than ever before and can move onto the next job. It’s a more enjoyable way to work for them too. And their bids should reflect that.

All trades are more efficient

DIRTT’s access floor installs quickly, followed by modular power and networks. Trades work in a wide-open, safe and clean space. Carpet, ceiling grid and HVAC/lighting is completed. Teams finish fast with little to no waste or do-overs.

The rest of your DIRTT interiors go from the truck to their designated locations. Wall frames contain pretested power outlets. In hours, walls are up, ready for finished tiles. Pre-assembled millwork and doors get hung. Done!

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