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A relocation allowed Pilot Studios to add unique elements that support the creative nature of the company.

200720 PLT DIRTT 7519 HDR Lo Res


Staying true to the company’s values, a diagonal path intersects Pilot’s new space in a way that integrates departmental “neighborhoods” and inspires an atmosphere of open collaboration. The unique circulation path is just another way that Pilot encourages their in-house creatives to look at things from different perspectives.
Inspired by the history of the building and its natural wood ceilings, DIRTT Timber gives the space a deconstructed and raw feeling, bringing natural elements into a fast-developing corner of Boston. The Timber product ‘frames’ key spatial elements - the kitchen, conference room, raised stage lounge - to integrate rather than separate them from the rest of the workspace.

Boston, MA / Locations

Herman Miller / Furniture

DIRTT Environmental Solutions / Interior Construction

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