Creating a Space For You To Be Exceptional

Creating a Space For You To Be Exceptional

While the way we do our jobs has changed quickly, we stand by our goal to help you create a space for you to be exceptional.

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In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, employees have made the switch to working remotely.

Set yourself up for success while working from home.

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Replicate your office workspace at home.

An unfamiliar and uncomfortable workspace can make it difficult to focus and be productive. If you have a private space in the office, try to find a place to work that shuts out household distractions. If you normally use a sit-to-stand desk, recreate one in your space... even if you have to use board games to prop up your computer.

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Light up the room.

Lighting has an important impact on your workspace. Proper task lighting is known to reduce eyestrain and headaches. Position your light next to your screen to avoid glare and try to have as much natural light as possible.

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Make it ergonomic.

It's tempting to sink into your couch with a laptop, but proper ergonomics are still important at home. A good rule when setting up your workspace is positioning a screen an arm’s length away at eye level. If you don’t have a task chair at home, a dining chair with a pillow or folded blanket at your lower back can help with lumbar support to encourage healthy posture.

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Take care of your body.

Make time for movement breaks at least every 45 minutes. Need a little guidance? There are tons of free video resources ranging from 5 minute movement breaks to 30+ minute stretching, pilates or yoga classes.

Stay Healthy. Be Exceptional.

How to Maintain Productivity at Home

It's a stressful time for many people and it's important to stay mindful of mental health while working from home.

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