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A new office opens a new chapter for this corporate client as they make Madison Avenue uniquely their own.

Creative Office Pavilion NYC New York City Private Office with Herman Miller Commercial Furniture


With a Manhattan move, the client needed a space to reflect this new exciting chapter while still aligning to their established brand. The space itself held an industrial aesthetic featuring large exposed columns and needed warm furniture pieces and fixtures to create a balanced, inviting social space. The design intent for the space was to create multiple defined spaces without closing off parts of the office with large physical barriers. Herman Miller’s Canvas Dock product at the workstations support double monitors while maintaining low sightlines. Canvas Wall stations along the corridor help to create a defined walkway.

New York, NY / Locations

Meridian Design Associates, OC Development Management / Project Partners

Herman Miller, Allseating, Bernhardt, Davis. Humanscale, Halcon, Spec, OFS / Furniture

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