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Benefits of Plants in the Workplace

Plants have a tremendous number of benefits in the office and there are even specific plants best suited for this environment.

When building an office space, creating an inviting and work-friendly environment is just as important as deciding the kind of desks your employees will sit at. One of the easiest ways to create this type of space is to include plants in your space.

Although it may seem somewhat obvious to have plants in the workplace, it may not be as clear as to why we do so. The term biophilia is defined as the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings. Whether we realize it or not, plants provide multiple benefits for employees and employers alike.

Benefits of Biophilia

  • Reduction of stress levels
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in sickness and absence rates
  • Clean air
  • Help reduce noise level
  • Boost creativity
  • Attract and retain talent

In addition to these benefits, by providing the means for employees to be “one with nature” while in the office, it allows their focus to go back to the tasks at hand. But what type of plants are suitable for the office?

Low Maintenance Plants

  • Peace Lily
  • Bamboo
  • Cast Iron Plant
  • ZZ Plant
  • Snake Plant

Noise Reducing Plants

  • White Bird of Paradise
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Lady Palm
  • Kentia Palm

These plants will work beautifully in any office space, especially when displayed in a thoughtful manner that adds to the space's aesthetic. MillerKnoll offers many great options for bringing plants into your workplace.

MillerKnoll Products

  • Plant Pot with Saucer by Hay
  • Pidestall Planter by Muuto
  • Persephone Vase by Holly Hunt
  • Stance Vase by Muuto

Including plants in your office is a great first step to creating a productive and friendly environment.