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Wellness Is Creating Spaces Where Employees Feel Their Best

We’re in the business of creating spaces for real people. To get to the root of how employees work best, we focus on human needs and how they support our client's goals.

We’re in the business of creating spaces that help teams achieve their goals in the most positive and efficient way possible. Though our clients’ needs vary amongst many industries, including Education, Finance, Healthcare, and dozens more, we know their common goal is always the same: how can we build a space that inspires, nurtures and supports their company values and goals.

The solution is simple – creating a space where employees feel more comfortable and motivated to come into the office will ultimately help foster an environment where employees enjoy their jobs more, are open to collaborate with their teams, and even have more freedom to create and work more efficiently.

When we think about how to create collaborative, welcoming and comfortable work environments, we focus on how humans work best. Since the explosion of office design over the last century, we’ve learned that the cookie-cutter standard “cubicle” setup won’t work for everyone – and how could we expect it to when each human has their own unique ways of learning, thinking, and creating? That’s where we come in.

Over the last decade or so, businesses have begun to really think about how their employees can feel their best, so that they do their best work. Making sure your employees feel their best at work is wellness. To help with this, we focus on providing comfort, versatility, and maybe even a little fun into the workplace, and a few ways we do that is: wellness rooms, comfortable open seating areas for freedom and collaboration, versatile sit-to-stand desks to support employees’ various tasks throughout the day and even a few fun spaces to enjoy a break like a game room (foosball anyone?) or a nice shaded outdoor space.

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’d like to share a few of our recent projects where we’ve helped our clients support their employees’ overall wellness so that they can feel their best in their workplace.

workstations with employees seated and standing at desks

Ergonomic Workstations

Our client focused on creating ergonomic workstations to support employee well-being in their New York Headquarters.

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MLS 08

Adding Some Fun

At Major League Soccer, we designed a more casual space for employees to take a break and play a few rounds of video games or foosball.

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Collaboration Spaces

Creating unique collaborative spaces for our Medical Research Institute Client to support their mission to bring their employees together in one space, invest in their health and wellbeing, and support community and collaboration so they can focus on the amazing work they do in the world.

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private mother's room recovery area, quiet space with comfortable seating office space

Wellness Space

A calm, quiet space to unwind, mediate, or handle a private matter at this confidential robotics company.

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HIPNY Confidential DB1 220118 027

Outdoor Space

Providing a comfortable space with some fresh air to escape to for our confidential financial client at their NYC headquarters.

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